National I Love Horses Day!

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National I Love Horses Day!

In honor of National I Love Horses Day on July 15th, a snippet of horse history is below. The follow contains the domestication of horses and the uses that the human population has found for the beloved animal.


Horses have been deemed as one of the building blocks for not only American history, but World history. Horses were originally used for their meat and milk, but as time went on, they had developed more important roles. These roles became more necessary as humans evolved industrially, economically, and physically.

Before the use of horses, donkeys were used for pulling items for the average person. Horses then began to become domesticated around the southern Russia and Kazakhstan area as early as 3500 B.C. According to the American Museum of Natural History, though, horse DNA is extremely diverse, suggesting that horses were domesticated in several different areas around several different times. This was only the beginning of the use of horses.

At that time, horses were only used for pulling wagons, chariots, carts, and any other type of wheeled vehicle. It wasn’t until about 2000 B.C. that horses began to be used for riding. As horses became more popular for riding, the human population found an abundance of uses for them. Horses slowly began to become companions and a source of entertainment. As centuries went by, the horse was used for wars, hunting, and a general sense of transport. Before the 1800’s, horses were the only source of travel that was any faster than a human’s walking pace. The animal became known to be high in importance and prestige.

As time moves on, horse transportation and general use is slowly coming to a close. With the invention of cars and other automobiles emerging, horses are now being used less as

transportation and more for companionship and entertainment. Horses now can be seen on ranches, in paintings, in rodeos, on television shows, in museums, and in a number of other places for their crucial acts. The animal continues to be known for being one of the most important roles in the construction of today’s world.


Remember to spend time with your horses and give them a big “I love you” on July 15th and any day of the year. The world wouldn’t be where it is now without their existence.


Post written by Celeste Austin

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