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Best Seller for over 20 years and used on our own rescues here at Triple Dream Farm with PROVEN RESULTS!

Equaide Solution has been proven Safe and Effective for PROUD FLESH Elimination and prevention. The Equaide Solution accelerates wound closure without harming healthy tissues.


  • Eliminates Proud Flesh
  • Prevents Proud Flesh formation on fresh wounds
  • adheres to healthy granulation bed forming a protective antimicrobial barrier – great for body wounds, head wounds, and even ears!!
  • does not harm healthy tissues
  • deters flies
  • CAN be used under a bandage

The Equaide Solution comes in a plus-sized jar for easy mixing and application. The Equaide Solution is also packaged with the following:

  • A mixing stick and applicator brush
  • Bandaging and care instructions
  • 3 sterile non-adherent pads size 3×4″ (not included with Small Animal - Decreased Solution)

Equaide Decreased Solution for All Small Animals:

  • Yeasty Ears
  • Hot Spots
  • Dermatitis
  • Scraps
  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Incision Sites

* Also assists in the healing of Spider Bite abscesses and Snake Bite abscesses

One ounce of Equaide Solution typically provides three weeks of treatment for an average wound.  Serious wounds tend to require five to six weeks of treatment.

TESTIMONIALS CAN BE SEEN HERE -->  https://equaide.com/cases-testimonials/

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