Beau, Bella, Caleb, Chubs, Porter -

Beau Finally Arrives!

After a year of waiting for a loving home at Chasing Rainbows Rescue and our rescue needing a kind and gentle pony for pony rides and a child's beginner lesson pony - the match was made in heaven with the arrival of Beau today!  Upon arrival, it was clear that Beau was eager to join the rescue herd here at Triple Dream Farm.

Even Bella and Caleb had to run into the barn to watch Beau's arrival and proceed to give him a warm welcome!  We're happy to report that all greetings went well and are confident that Beau will become a wonderful part of the Triple Dream Farm family - please enjoy the photos we took today of his first moments on the Farm.

Even Chubs came out to check out the "new guy" in the barn!

Of course, the "old man" on the farm really didn't know what all the hub-bub was about other than he got to stand directly in front of the fan and fall asleep while everyone was fussing over the new guy.  Porter did eventually go over to check Beau out, but really!  It's not like Beau is the first new rescue on the Farm!!!

Beau has recovered and rehabilitated from Laminitis (Founder) at Chasing Rainbows Rescue and is approximately 9 years old, 13 hh and will be used, as mentioned above, as a child beginner lesson pony, used for pony rides and other community outreach as his size and demeanor make him very approachable for those new to being around equines.


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