Meet Our Sponsored Riders!

Lindsey Miller

Hometown: Scurry, TX

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Horse(s):  Peppy Lady Got Cash and Double L Dash

My name is Lindsey Miller I am 20 years old and live in Scurry, TX. I compete in barrel racing and gymkhana events with my two horses named Peppy Lady Got Cash and Double L Dash. I am currently working at Equine Veterinary Services in Terrell, TX. Horses are my entire life and I can't wait to continue to spread the message of Reins For Rescues at all my events!

Carlynn Hagerty

Hometown:  Vanderbilt, PA

Discipline: Gaming Events

Horse(s):  Cinnamon

Favorite Product(s): Adjustable Reins

Hi my name is Carlynn Hagerty. I’m 15 years old and live in Vanderbilt, PA. I own a 4 year old quarter mare who’s not registered. Her name is Cinnamon. I specialize in gaming events such as barrel racing, pole bending, straight barrels, and cutback. Cinnamon is my first project horse and I’m training her by myself. I’m in 4-H currently and want to begin rodeo next year and IBRA or NBHA. I have 7 horses at my home currently. I’ve been riding for 3 years now and qualified for states my first year of 4-H in 2016 on my rescue pony “Ice Ice baby”. I own 4 pairs of adjustable reins which are my favorite products at the moment! Follow me on social media Instas- @carlynnraquel_20 @racingbuckskin Facebook- Carlynn Hagerty

Halie Longobardi

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Discipline: Western and English Events

Horse(s): Tito

My name's Halie Longobardi and I'm a 19 year old from Pennsylvania! I've been riding for 10 years and been training horses for about 4. I ride both English and Western, but I do prefer western. Most of the time I barrel race and jump, but I am currently training for reining, love to trick train and teach liberty, and I have dabbled in many other disciplines. I've owned 2 horses before my current horse, Tito. Tito is a rescue who was destined for the auction if I hadn't bought him. He's a smart and spunky buckskin 7 year old QH x Paso Fino gelding who stands about 15.2hh. I'm also a photographer who specializes in equine and canines. 

Kaia Petrone

Hometown: Redding, CT

Discipline: Gymkhana Events

Horse(s): QMF Sprinkeled Coco

Favorite Product(s): Lead ropes, reins, and camera straps!

Hi! My name is Kaia Petrone and I am 15 years old. I have been around horses my whole life. I currently compete in gymkhanas on my 12 year old AQHA mare QMF Sprinkeled Coco "Cinnamon". I have owned her for a little over 6 years and in that time we have also shown English and western pleasure. I own many Reins For Rescues products and couldn't be happier with the quality! 

You can find me on Instagram @kaiapetrone

Giulia Cipolloni

Hometown: Italy

Discipline: Barrel Racing and Pole Bending

Horse(s): Spiderman Blue and Hidalgo

Favorite Product(s): Adjustable Reins

My name is Giulia Cipolloni. I'm from Italy and I am 18 years old. I've been riding since I was 5...I love horses, they are my life.
I've two horses, their names are Spiderman Blue and Hidalgo. I participate in important barrel racing and pole bending races year-round and every year (regional, national and European championship) .
I've been enjoying great success like barrel racing youth regional Champion 1D, pole bending MasterCup Res.Champion, Finalist Top 10 in European Championship and 2 barrel racing Arena Records in 2017.
I’m blessed to be part of team Reins for Rescues.


Rae Lombino

Hometown: New York

Discipline: English and Western Events

Horse(s): Fourth Time's the Charm

Hey! My name is Rae Lombino and I am an 18 year old equestrian living in upstate New York. I currently own one horse, a 14 year old paint gelding named "Fourth Time's the Charm" but better known as Bug. I also ride and work with a 26 year old appy named Joey. I ride both English and Western and love to do liberty work with the boys. I have trained in western pleasure, gaming, English pleasure and equitation, hunters, and dressage. My personal favorite disciplines (aside from barebacking and tackless riding!) are gaming and English pleasure. I am also a photographer and filmmaker specializing in all things equine of course! It's such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful company and I am so incredibly proud to be a part of the Reins for Rescues team! Feel free to look me up on Instagram @easternequestrian and check out Bug's Instagram for even more pony pictures!


Kristen Boltz

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Horse(s): Zips Ginger Snap

Kristen Boltz, RVT. 32... been racing for going on 5 years. Zips Ginger Snap is stating her third year in the 2018 season. She is a 2x World Qualifier in NBHA, a 2016 NBHA State Championships Finalist.

Holly Morano

Hometown: Eden, NY

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Horse(s): Brite Ziggy and Togoodtobetrue

Favorite Product(s): Unicorn Reins

Hi I’m Holly Morano I’m from Eden NY, I barrel race my 25 year old horse brite ziggy bar aka ziggy. I’m currently training my 3 year old togoodtobetrue aka pearl on the barrel pattern. I’m so excited to be apart of the RFR team, and I hope to help it grow! Don’t forget to add me on instagram: brite.appy

Kyley Weaver

Hometown: Smethport, PA

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Horse(s): Red and Frenchfiddledoublejet

Favorite Product(s): Reins

My name is Kyley Weaver. I am 22 and live in Smethport Pennsylvania. I have 2 horses Red and Frenchfiddledoublejet aka jet. Red is a 12 year old sorrel grade quarter horse . Jet is a 14 year old black and white paint. I started competing 2 years ago on red who is my main horse. We compete in barrels poles and other fun games. Our favorite tho is barrel racing. I plan on barrel racing at the 2018 quarter horse Congress this year out in Ohio and I'm going to try to make it for best of the best. Those are our goals this year. I found out about reins for rescues through my friend who adopted a horse from her. I then brought a pair of reins last September and i fell in love with them. I cant wait to help spend the word about reins for rescues. You can follow me on Instagram- kyley.12 Facebook kyley weaver.

Kaylee Gresh

Hometown: Ohio

Discipline: English and Western Events

Horse(s): Noble

Hey my name's Kaylee Gresh and I'm a 24 year old equestrian from Ohio!  I've only been riding for a short 10ish years, unlike some others who have been at it their whole lives.  I wasn't lucky enough to be able to have horses when I was younger, so when I turned 21 I decided to go to the local auction house to rescue my now heart horse, Noble.  He is a grade Medicine Hat Paint that is estimated at 14 years old.  We do all kinds of things from english and western shows to barrels to ponying some horses from the track.  A lot of you might also know me from my photography, Timeless Treasures!  You can find Noble and I on instagram @timelesstreasures.p as well as some of my photos I post!



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