Cactus Tails & Rope Halter Set - Purple & Orange

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Cactus Tails are handmade in the USA by Cactus Tails LLC with performance materials and their Braided Tail Wrap reduces tail breakage and promotes growth for long thick tails.  This material washes up beautifully,does not fray at the bottom and is very hardy for any weather condition.

Cactus Tails are made for average size horses, 15 hands . They are 36 inches long, fitting from the bottom of the tail bone to top of fetlock. This size seems to work perfect for most. They can be trimmed if needed,as a top seam is on the bottom fringe,allowing the customer to shorten the bottom,and re-cut their fringe to desired length.

Our rope halters are also handmade here in the USA and are the tightest knotted rope halters you will ever find - no more loose knots and throw together ill-fitting halters - the gentleman that makes these halters cares about each and every one.

Combine these two quality horse essential products and you can save yourself a bit of money for horse treats!

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