Mrs. Conn's Bath Day Sponges

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Whether you just finished your best show of the season, got back from that beautiful and relaxing ride on the trails or feel a "job well done" for both of you in that last lesson, you and your horse deserve the very best.  And, as we all know, some of the best time to bond with your horse or pony is during bath time!  

We partner and carry only the best products - products we use on our own rescues here at Triple Dream Farm - and bring these products to you, products we believe in!  Mrs. Conn's Bath Day sponges are designed, created by a small American, certified cruelty-free, natural healing, environmentally friendly company.

Mrs. Conn's Bath Day Shampoo-Filled Sponges come in six unique formulas made specifically to pamper your horse and address a variety of common equine skin and coat conditions.  Please refer to the chart below to better select the right sponge for you and your horse.

JUST ADDED:  Liniminty Bath Day Sponge!  This sponge features Mrs. Conn's own formula with soothing arnica and relaxing essential oils along with our extra mild shampoo base, creating an all-in-one bath, brace and liniment treatment!

LIMITED EDITION:  Winter Woods!  This sponge is Mrs. Conn's extra gentle whitening shampoo with a scent reminiscent of fresh cut pine with a hint of rum - a more "guy" scent!

 But no matter which formula you use, Mrs. Conn's sponges will always:

  • Nourish delicate equine skin & leave your horse's coat soft & shining!
  • Whiten whites & brighten the full spectrum of colors from the darkest bay to the grayest gray!
  • Contain no harsh detergents, soaps, parabens or SLS!
  • Be made with love from ethically sourced ingredients and always certified cruelty free!
  • Safe and effective way to bath your dog as well!
  • Each sponge good for 3 - 4 baths!