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Best Way to Shop this Holiday Season: SMALL

 We are just about 6 hours away from the Holiday Season starting . . . One day we're all gather 'round giving thanks for our blessings (U.S.) and the next day is a mad holiday shopping rush!  If you're on social media these days - and who really isn't - you may have seen a recent #shopsmall meme that is currently trending:
There is a movement to remind holiday shoppers that $100 spent at Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's or any other of the big box retailers will not be noticed, but that $100 to a small business means so much more . . . and here's where we would like to convince you to shop our small little shop - Reins for Rescues.
You see, not only will our small band of volunteers be jumping up and down upon news of your purchase, but it is quite possible that our equines will be jumping as well . . . maybe, as we don't think Chubs will go for that at all!!!
However, please know that no matter the amount of your purchase, all the volunteers and equines here at Triple Dream Farm will thank you wholeheartedly!  100% of the proceeds from your purchase will immediately be hard at work going towards the daily care, special feeds, hay, dental and farrier care of our equine rescues.  YOUR PURCHASE MAKES AN IMMEDIATE AND NEEDED DIFFERENCE as Triple Dream Farm is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all-volunteer run!
OH LOOK!  We did find an old photo of Chubs jumping for joy!
Let's get him jumping again!  We even have gift certificates, dog leashes as well as many other gift-giving ideas that all support our rescues!  THANK YOU!

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