Triple Dream Farm


Sammy, Caleb, Tango, Chance, and Ollie. 

Meet the rescues of Triple Dream Farm! Hear their stories as well as learn more about them and see the horse's rescue lines! 


Sammy is a registered quarter horse who ended up in a bad place after his owner passed away. We were alerted to him by a customer and we were able to get him here to our farm with the help of many! After rehab and weight, he then went for training in Ohio. He know is currently being leased by one of our lesson students!



Lucy is a thoroughbred mare who sustained an injury as a foal that resulted in a metal plate in her elbow. Lucy sadly ran through several auctions and then ended up listed on craigslist at risk. When she arrived it was apparent she had been mishandled along the way. She was extremely head shy. Tests were done to ensure it was not pain related, nothing was found and we were told it was from abuse. Lucy spent sometime with us learning to trust again and work under saddle. She since then has been adopted out by a close friend of ours to help her build confidence and they are the best of friends! 



Cooper, a former off the track thoroughbred gelding that came to us from another rescue that helped with horses before they end in the slaughter pipeline. Cooper was well loved for his giant, puppy dog personality. Despite winning quite of funds as a race horse, he loved to stand in the middle of the riding ring and nap. Cooper was a great all around horse. You could trail ride him, go over jumps with him, hop on him bareback, just about anything he could do! He was adopted out 3 times, yes 3 times and came back all 3 times. He would be "lame" and on arrival back to us we would have him evaluated to be told nothing was wrong. He would be perfectly fine. We gave up on adopting him out as it was apparent he wanted to stay with us. We named his rescue line color design "Coopers Comeback" because of this. Cooper lived with us for over 8 years but sadly he passed away due to complications of old age, joint problems and pain. Cooper was 20 years old. He is buried on our farm overlooking the fields. We hope is galloping the greener pastures pain free. He was one of our heart horses and we miss him dearly!

Cooper on arrival to us




 Winter, an aged percheron that was rescued from the kill pen in 2013. He was emaciated, caked in manure and his coat was a green color, yes, green! He was in bad shape. A few mean spirited ladies bashed me for not euthanizing him right away but he deserved a chance. A chance to experience love and to be spoiled. We consulted with professionals to ensure that there could be a chance. We aim to do what is best for the horse and we were told, there is nothing wrong with him other than he was old and thin. We could fix this, and we did! Winter lived with us for several years, fat, sassy and full of life. He was the first horse to be buried on the farm when he passed due to cancer. He knew love, treats and lots of spoiling before he left for greener pastures. He showed us never to give up, even with the negative people who try to be a voice inside your head! He loved to trot through our large pastures on the new farm and we sure do miss his goofy expressions and slobber!


Chubbs is a mini mule that has resided with us for about 7 years now. Chubbs came to us with a large wound in his neck and mean personality. He was one of my hardest rehab, mentally. While small, he is mighty. He has been known to chase coyotes out of the horses pastures. Prior to upgrading our fencing he would be seen grazing among the chickens, checking on the goats and back to the horse pastures. He also enjoys going on trail rides with riders! He is very much the Triple Dream Farm guard dog. Chubbsters will remain on the farm for life. He has come so far from the mean little guy to now the puppy dog that enjoys attention (only on his time though!) from everyone!



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