HLH Awareness Adjustable Riding Reins in memory of Lacey Jamieson*

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"HLH Awareness" Adjustable Riding Reins are part of our family's awareness campaign to bring important issues and/or concerns to the forefront of discussions as well as to inform the general public.

Lacey Jamison was a 16 year old girl from Ontario, Canada, who was just about as crazy about horses as we are.  The incredible bond that she had with her equine family was evident in her posts, videos and pictures on Instagram, YouTube and other social media outlets.  The happiness, joy and thrill riding and bonding with horses came through each post - if you had a bad ride or day - viewing a post or video from Lacey would surely make you smile and get back in the saddle! 

Tragically, Lacey Jamison succumbed to a rare blood disease, Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a disorder of the immune system in which too many infection-fighting cells are produced and activated, causing damage to organs. While rare, HLH is rapidly fatal.  Lacey's sudden death brought worldwide attention to this disease as a young and talented horse rider was suddenly gone.  For more information about this disease, click the following link:  http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/service/h/hlh/about/

* With Lacey Jamieson family's permission, we have created the "HLH Awareness" Adjustable Riding Reins in Lacey's memory.  Additionally, Reins for Rescues will be donating 10% of the gross sales each month to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Lacey Jamison's name to help with their continued research and treatment of HLH.

Fearless in her riding, her gift with horses and her beautiful personality will live on forever!  Ride on!

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