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There is a movement to remind holiday shoppers that $100 to Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's or any other of the big box retailers will not notice that $100, but to a small business, it means so much more . . . and here's where we would like to convince you to shop our small little shop - Reins for Rescues.  

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The rescuing of equines is only part of our mission as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization *.  Community outreach is the second part.  Our objective to complete the second part is to make the community aware of our presence and what we can offer. As you may know, even if you are not a rider, horses are very intuitive to our emotions and needs.  Something you may already know if you interact with horses anyway.  

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Community Outreach, Hank -

When we first moved to NW Pennsylvania, we heard this question over and over, "Whatca gonna do with all them horses ya got up there?"  If you're a crazy horse person like us, the question seems ridiculous, but we just smiled as the plan was already in motion . . .


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Benji, Betty, Camping, Hank, Porter, SASD Homecoming 2023, Sweetie -

A very busy weekend at Triple Dream Farm with university students camping on the campsite from a local university to marching in a Homecoming Parade to our First Annual Fall Festival kept everyone, including the rescues, busy, busy, busy!

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Beau, Bella, Caleb, Chubs, Porter -

After a year of waiting for a loving home at Chasing Rainbows Rescue and our rescue needing a kind and gentle pony for pony rides and a child's beginner lesson pony - the match was made in heaven with the arrival of Beau today!  Upon arrival, it was clear that Beau was eager to join the rescue herd here at Triple Dream Farm. Even Bella and Caleb had to run into the barn to watch Beau's arrival and proceed to give him a warm welcome!  We're happy to report that all greetings went well and are confident that Beau will...

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